Journal 22- In Memory of Scott

Scott Zimmerman, of blessed memory, was a bar/bas mitzvah teacher for many of my friends, and a mentor to all. He always offered a kind word and a smiling face. This Shavous, we honor him for all he did for the Jacksonville Jewish Center. When we remember the Giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai, we will also remember Scott, who “gave” the Torah to hundreds of children through his teachings.


Scott may have only lived to be sixty, but he fulfilled more than just one favor. He often served as a substitute teacher for me, and every year, with the eighth graders, made an object to put in the middle school’s bees tefillah. Some years it was paintings; others it was an Aron. My class will be first in many years to note do a project with Scott.

This Shavous, Scott’s Shavous, let us remember this great man for all he has taught us.

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