How Middle School Changed Me

The three years of middle school have greatly changed my life. Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade have educated me in many ways. It prepared me for the challenges I shall soon face in high school and beyond.

Middle school changed me first by having more than two teachers. In all of elementary school, I only had one Judaic Studies teachers and one General Studies teacher. However, once I entered Sixth Grade, I started to walk around the building to get ot my next class. I had eight different teachers, eight different teaching methods and personalities. This change made me familiar with the course that I will take next year in high school.

Middle school has also evolved me by teaching me much more advanced studies than in elementary school. It has greatly increased my view of the world through Current Events in Social Studies. I have learned the basics of Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, and Physics through Science class and my two Science Fairs. I have learned the vocabulary and grammar of both English and Hebrew through those classes. My Algebra I and Geometry classes will give me a step ahead of everybody else. I even have a strong foothold in my religion through Judaic classes. I am very priviledged to be able to go to a dual-curriculum school.

However, I did not only learn the required curriculum in these classes. I also learned how to behave and act respectfully. Through the consequences I was given, I learned what was right and what was wrong. I finally learned self-control and figured out when it was right to be quiet. Even if I’m not always quiet today, I still have learned these essential life skills that I will use forever.

In conclusion, middle school has changed me in every way possible. It gave me the tools and education that will lead me to suceed in high school. These three years have taught me everything from how to use a locker to the Pythagorean Theorem.

2 thoughts on “How Middle School Changed Me

  1. Jake,
    I am very proud of your academic success in middle school! I am confident that
    you will shine as a High School student in the fall.

    Love you,

  2. You have grown and matured so much Jake. You are an amazing student, son, brother, Jew and so much more. Continue to polish the gem that you are and get it to shine a deep shine to shine light into the world and all those whose life you touch.

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