SBC 7- My Day at School

For this week’s challenge, we have to talk about out school. Here’s the full list that was given:

  • Create polls about how people get to school or work, or favourite school subject or …..
  • What is your weekly timetable like, compare with other students – time you start and finish school, number of lessons each day, breaks during the day, days in year you go to school
  • Choices of subjects at school – remember to explain abbreviations you might use eg LOTE , ELA
  • Your dream of what you will be doing once you leave school
  • If you were principal for a week, what would you do? If you were a teacher for a week, what would you do?
  • Research the history of your school and create an about my school page
  • Research a famous person who attended your school
  • Technology in your school
  • What do you do at break times?
  • School bell has gone – what do you do now?
  • Food you eat at school – what is in your lunchbox or your school meal – good activity for taking photos
  • If you could improve your school, what would you do?
  • Your ideal school – maybe include a map of what it would look like
  • How has schooling changed over the last 100 years? Maybe interview parents, grandparents and ask questions about schooling – use soundcloud or audioboom then embed in blog
  • The view outside your classroom window – maybe explain plants that might be seen, the weather, seasons etc
  • Hold a debate about uniforms or school starting times or subjects or …..
  • Anything else that relates to schooling around the world

I will be telling what my day is like at school and answering a few of these questions. Read on!

P.S. I didn’t do the challenge last week because my blog, for some reason, won’t allow me to put on new widgets and the like.

6:30-7:00 (Eastern US Time) Wake up for school.

7:00-7:30 Get dressed, prepare schoolwork, etc.

Sometimes go to Chabad for morning services; if not, eat breakfast and go to school at 8:15. 

Praying in school– 8:15-9:00

First class- Mitzvot 9:00-9:38

Hebrew (Rosetta Stone)- 9:40-10:18

Tanach (Bible Studies)- 10:20-10:55

Hafsaka (Break)- 10:55-11:05

Language Arts (some of Eighth grade has Pre-Algebra now)- 11:05-11:50

Social Studies- 11:50-12:40

Science- 12:45-1:30

Lunch- 1:30-2:00

Geometry- (some of Eighth Grade have LA now, others have Algebra) 2:05-2:45

Physical Education- 2:55-3:40

School ends at 3:45

*On Tuesday, we don’t have a break and lunch is shorter so that way we can have a 25-minute Study Hall after lunch, so everything is moved up. Then we have Rotation instead of PE. Mine is Rock Band.*

After school, I will go to various Jewish classes, Boy Scouts, and basketball.


1. 53 years old, started off as a Solomon Schecter Day School.

2. Named after Martin J. Gottlieb in the early 2000’s, after Martin died of cancer.

3. Currently serves K-8, in the Galinsky Academy umbrella which includes DuBow Preschool, Makom Hebrew High, and Selevan Religious School.

4. Has about 120 students this year.

5. An Apple-based school, has 40 school laptops and 20 school IPads, with almost every classroom having a Smartboard.

To improve my school, I would have it start at 9:00 and end at 5:00, like the regular American work hours. I would have a study hall every day for 25 minutes and take away the break and 10 minutes from lunch, and 2 minutes from walking in between each class.  I would include PE on Mondays and Wednesdays, and rotation on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Friday I would keep it the same with the mitzvah trip and only secular studies.  Lastly, I would require everybody to get hot lunch.



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