SBC 4- Part 1, Challenge 2

For this week’s challenge (sorry about being late about it), we had three parts. I chose the first part, which was- Part 1 is about your digital footprint where you need to visit Mr Bogush’s class blog to find out the activities to try. Remember to leave a comment on his post about the activity you completed and why you chose that activity. Then come back to this post on the student blogging challenge and leave a comment mentioning you have completed a week 4 activity so I can visit your blog to leave a comment. 

From there, I did activity two, which was- “Google” yourself.  Do an online search for you!  Use search operators to help you refine your search.  Look through web pages and images.  Write a post about your results.  What do you find? What showed up that surprised you?  Did the results reveal a positive or negative footprint?

When I searched “Jake G****”, the only item I found was a people-finder website showing my first house in Jacksonville. I didn’t find any pictures, either.

When I searched “Shmuel G****”, however, two of my profile pictures, from my old account and a new account on a website, came up on the first line! Almost the WHOLE first page was dedicated to my answers on this website! Isn’t Google amazing, yet horrifying?


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