3 Math Websites- Review

I will be reviewing three math websites on how good they teach and help you learn. I chose Khan Academy, Math Playground, and Aplus Math.

1. Khan Academy– Pros: You can make an account and save your progress, and there’s a lot of subjects, from kindergarten to Calculus. It also has resources for parents, teachers, and students. Cons: It can be confusing at times, and they have all other subjects, like science and social studies.

2. Math Playground– Pros: It’s all full of games, which are an entertaining and useful. Cons: However, games can also take away from the learning. The highest math classes it goes to is Pre-Algebra. This website can only be used for kids.

3. Aplus Math– Pros: This, in my opinion, is the best of the three. It has worksheets, lessons, flashcards, games, and homework help. It has resources for parents, teachers, and kids. Cons: They only go up to Geometry, and they’re broad subjects.




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