Two Triangle Theorms- Math Blog Post

Today I will be explaining two geometry theroems- the Isosceles Triangle Theorm and the Equiangular Triangle Theorm.

Isosceles Triangle Theorm– This theorm states, “If two sides of a triangle are congruent, then the angles opposite it are congruent.” This theorm can be used the prove congruence in isosceles triangles.

Equiangular Triangle Theorm– This theorm says, “If a triangle is equilaterial, then it’s also equiangular.” It can be used for algebra problems within geometry.

SBC- C5, A3, 4, 5, 6

Sorry this is late. Been real busy with school, you know, the end of the first quater and all. 

Activity 3-  Find an image or piece of music. Add it to your post (with attribution) and write a poem relating to the image or music. Invite your readers to write their own poems.

Elephants at the Mae Taeng Elephant Park nr Chiang Mai

Image Credit:

Oh, great elephant.

What are you painting?

What thoughts are going through your 12-pound mind?

Why are you painting?

Oh elephant, noble elephant,

Enjoy your paint.


Activity 4- Similar to activity 3. Find an interesting landscape image (include attribution).  Write the beginning of a story relating to your image. Remember to include a conflict of some sort between your characters. Invite your readers to finish the story. How many different endings can you get? Which ending do you prefer? You might need to visit some other bloggers and invite them to finish your story. Remember to leave the URL of your post for them to click on. Leave a comment on this post if you want me to visit and finish your story.

Image Credit:

“Hey, Dave!”

“What, Mo?”

“What happened to ol’ Henry?”

“I don’t know. He went out to track the penguins. Said he was going out a mile or so, saw something funny. Last heard him on the walk ten minutes ago.”

“Ah, I hope he’s fine. That crazy scientist. Command wanted him upstairs for a meeting, ’cause he’s the head animal researcher and all.”

“I see. What are you doin’ here, anyway? I thought you were out fishin’ for our dinner.”

“I was looking for Henry. Since I’m the captain of the ship, I’m also a part of the Command meeting. He’s my Unite.”

“I see. Well, I must be-”

Dr. David Gladman’s PRD (Personal Radio Device) buzzed. It was a meesage from the head doctor, Dr. Hans Glenschimenn. He was about to go into operation on a near-dying patient and cannot attend the meeting; Dr. Gladman was to go for him. His Unite was the head chef, Mr. Fillany.

“Got to go, Joe.”

“Why? Where are you going?”

“I’m taking Dr. Glenschimenn’s place in the meeting!” David yelled over his shoulder.


Dr. Gladman headed up the ramp and into the Command Center. He reached the security officer, Phillips. “ID?”

“Here, let me get it out.”

Phillips looked at it. “All clear, you may enter.”

“Thank you.”

He entered and saw the president elect, Major John Edwards II, sitting at a table with the other commanders of jobs- the head of security, the head of sanitation, the head of cooking, the head of climate change research, the head of cooking, and the head of shipping. Only one head was missing-  Henry Dashlad, Ph.D, head of animal research.

“Take a seat, David. We have a pressing matter to discuss. We have lost communication with the United States, and we believe that Henry was involved with it.”  *************************************************************************************************** Finish the story! Write down as much as you want to complete the ending. Let’s say what we can get!

Activity 5- Write a sentence using just images – no words. You still need to include attribution for each image you have used. 

Image Credit:

  minus the “s”

Image Credit: Wikimedia

Image Credit:

Image Credit:

Image Credit:

Image Credit:,_19_March_1945.jpg

The sentence reads: “Battles are fought; people die.”



Activity 6- Find 5 images that create a story – again no words only the attribution for each image.

Image Credit: Wikimedia

Image Credit:

Image Credit:

Image Credit:

Image Credit:,_Sciennes.jpg






Journal 9- WANTED


Endangered Species #87541

Dead or Alive

                                                         Komodo Dragon

images (1)


Genus: Varanus

Species: Varanus Komodoensis

Estimated Population: 4,000-5,000

Native Country: Indonesia

Biography: The Komodo Dragon is the largest species of lizard,                                        growing up to three meters and weighing seventy kilograms. The                                     dragon was first discovered by Western explorers in 1910, and since                                    then, the Komodo Dragon population has steadily decreased.                                      Reasons include- Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, fires, tourism,                                                 poaching, loss of prey, and loss of habitat.



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Math Blog Post-Classifying Triangles

Today I will be discussing ways to define a triangle. You can define a triangle as Acute, Obtuse, or Right. An Acute triangle is 1-89 degrees. A Right triangle is 90 degrees, and an Obtuse triangle is 91-179 degrees. (180 degrees is a straight line). That’s just one method of classifacation.

Another method is how the lines of the triangle are. You can define a triangle using this method as Equaliterial, Isosceles, or Scalene. Equaliterial triangles have all three lines the same. Isosceles triangles have two of the lines th same, and a Scalene triangle has no lines the same.

Thanks for reading! These two methods are tools you can use not just for math class, but for life.

SBC 4- Part 1, Challenge 2

For this week’s challenge (sorry about being late about it), we had three parts. I chose the first part, which was- Part 1 is about your digital footprint where you need to visit Mr Bogush’s class blog to find out the activities to try. Remember to leave a comment on his post about the activity you completed and why you chose that activity. Then come back to this post on the student blogging challenge and leave a comment mentioning you have completed a week 4 activity so I can visit your blog to leave a comment. 

From there, I did activity two, which was- “Google” yourself.  Do an online search for you!  Use search operators to help you refine your search.  Look through web pages and images.  Write a post about your results.  What do you find? What showed up that surprised you?  Did the results reveal a positive or negative footprint?

When I searched “Jake G****”, the only item I found was a people-finder website showing my first house in Jacksonville. I didn’t find any pictures, either.

When I searched “Shmuel G****”, however, two of my profile pictures, from my old account and a new account on a website, came up on the first line! Almost the WHOLE first page was dedicated to my answers on this website! Isn’t Google amazing, yet horrifying?


Journal 8- The Terrific Tishrei

We are currently near the end of the Jewish month of Tishrei. As said in the website I linked,, Tishrei is “the most Jewish… month”. This is because Tishrei has so many holidays: Rosh Hashana, Tzom Gedalya, Asara Yemini Teshuva (many), Yom Kippur, Sukkos, Chol Hamoed Sukkos (many), Hoshana Rabba, Shmeini Atzeres, and Simchas Torah. The most meaningful holiday for me was Yom Kippur, because we are sealing our fate for the year. We pray all day and fast, which gives it a sense of greatness.

The holiday I want to make more meaningful are the days of Chol Hamoed Sukkos, because I felt like it was more of a burden to be in the sukkah, rather than a joy. I could do this by remembering it’s for a good cause. My family didn’t add any new customs. We did the same as last year. To enhance my Shabbos celebrations, I should remember that we are in a holy time; The start of the Torah, the start of a new year.


Example of a sukkah.

Image Credit:

SBC- C3, A 1,2,3,5,6,7,8

This week is already week three! Hard to believe, huh? For this week, I have to talk about my city and country. Read along!

Activity 1- If we were to visit the capital city of your country, what are three places you would recommend either of us see?

My capital city is Washington, D.C. It is a smaller city of about 650,000 people. It’s the 25th biggest city in the US. Most of the attractions are government buildings, like the Lincoln Memorial or the Capitol Building. However, these three I would recommended:

1. Washington Monument– It was once the tallest structure in the world, from 1884-1889. It is still the tallest obelisk and the tallest stone structure. 555 feet (169 meters) tall, it’s 897 steps to the top. Thankfully, they installed an elevator in 2001!

2. The Smithsonian Institution- This should be more like 29 items! There are nineteen museums in the whole institution, nine research centers, and a zoo. Founded on August 10, 1846, it now contains 137,000,000 artifacts in the world’s largest museum. The National Zoological Park is one of the USA’s oldest zoos, and it’s free!

3. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing– I’ve been to Washington four times before, but never to here! The place where money is made-literally. Free of charge again, but you may need a reservation at certain times of the year.


Activity 2- If we were to visit the capital city of your state or province, what are three places you would recommend?

The capital of my state (Florida) is Tallahassee. There’s not much to do in Tallahassee. Tallahassee has a population just under 200,000, and is the only city in Leon County. It’s the 125th largest city in the US. It is a recognized city for colleges and scientific research.

1. Florida State Capitol– The old capitol building for Florida, from 1845-1973. Was restored to its 1902 version in the 1980’s. Open year-round and free. I personally visited it, so I can give good reviews.

2. Florida A&M University– This college is America’s oldest African-American college. A sight to see if you’re a civil rights activist.

3. Museum of Florida History – A great museum detailing the timeline of Florida from sabertooth tigers to the new millennium.


Activity 3- All countries have their own currency. Research the history of your currency. What was the first type of currency? Which animals and people appear on your currency now and in the past? Write a post relating to currency, maybe include an image of some of yours. You might choose just one note or coin or write a general post, but remember to write in your own words. Here is a great post about wildlifeon currency. If we were to visit your country, how much would we get for $100 Australian? How much would a cup of coffee and sandwich cost us? How much would a block of chocolate cost?

I am a HUGE coin collector, so I know all about this. We started off as a British colony, so we used pounds, shillings, etc. When we first formed, we started off with bills that were frequently counterfeited and not valuable- Continental bills. We got a bank in Philadelphia in 1781, starting the first official money. The dollar was made in 1785. Money evolved until the first 10 dollar in 1861, same year that Greenbacks came out. There were two and three cent nickels for a short time. Then, the earliest I have in my collection is the Indian head pennies. My oldest is from 1875. The Buffalo nickels I know are for the first half of the 20th century. There were bunches of silver dollars, like the Barber, Morgan, and Liberty. We came out with Kennedy and Eisenhower half dollars, and president dollars, along with Sacajawea and Susan B. Anthonys. The faces of the dollars have been the same forever, although we used to have 500, 1000, and 100,000 dollar bills. Eagles and buffaloes are the only animals that I can think of that appear. 100 Australian dollars is $87.35 American. Coffee would be three dollars for a cup, a sandwich would be five, and a chocolate bar would be $1.50 (all American).


Activity 5- Where would you prefer to live – in a small town in the country or in a big city? Give pros and cons for both

I would prefer to live in a big city because there’s so much to do. You could go see a movie, go to a restaurant, visit a museum, stroll in a park, etc. In the countryside, there’s not much to do besides touristy stuff that’s set up.

Pros for big city: Lots to do, variety of choices, lots of people. Cons for big city: Air pollution, lots of people.

Pros for countryside: Peaceful, clean air, beautiful nature. Cons for countryside: Not civilized, could get lost in wilderness


Activity 6- If you could live anywhere in the world, universe or world of books, where would it be and why?

I would live on Earth, but it wouldn’t be in this time period. I would live in Israel, under King Solomon. I would see the First Temple and pray. I would try to rise to position to be with the king, and feel quite holy. It would be marvelous. If not that, I would go to the 1700’s in modern-day Ukraine and live with the Baal Shem Tov, the founder of Chassidim.


Activity 7- Write a post asking 5 questions about a country for your overseas visitors to answer. eg Where is the best place to view wildlife in your country? Which National Park has the best scenery in your country? Where would you recommend not visiting in your country and why? Remember to ask them to leave the name of the country they are from as well as the URL of their own blog so you can visit them.

Questions for my viewers? Hmm…

1. What is the best food in your country?

2. What is the thing that makes you proud to live in your country?

3. Where is the best place to go to view nature?

4. Which city is the best city in your country, in your opinion? Why?

5. What do you not like about your country?


Activity 8- What makes an Australian/Russian/American etc feel proud of their country? What makes you an Australian/Russian/American etc? Do you have to be born in that country or taken out citizenship of that country? Think about you and your country. Write a post about your feelings about being a citizen of your country. What about dual citizenship? Should you be allowed to hold office (be a politician) if you don’t have citizenship in that country?

I think it is useful to be a citizen of the United States. We have freedom of every kind. We were founded on the basis of rights for all people. We have equal representation by state and population. US citizens receive benefits form the government, although not as great as other countries. Dual citizenship is a great thing. You receive the benefits and privileges of both countries. And no, only citizens should hold office. I don’t think illegal Mexican immigrants should be allowed to run for president.


13 ACTIVITY- Some people believe in superstitions and haunted places. Are there any ghost towns or haunted places in your country? Have you ever visited them? Would you stay overnight in them? Here is a slideshow of some ghost towns around the world.

There are many ghost towns in the US. During the Gold Rush of 1848, hundreds of thousands of people rushed West to search for gold. They set up little towns. San Francisco’s population doubled over and over. Some of these towns, they found gold and stayed. Other towns found no gold. When they didn’t find gold, the people left. Other times they left because there was no water or because they were too far away from the railroad. The buildings remained, so no in places like Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and California, there are the group of shacks that are abandoned.


Journal 7- 25 Hours of Hunger

Yom Kippur has come and gone. This year, it was on a Shabbos, making it even holier (and maybe making me more hungry). This was my first year fasting, and I found it harder than the other 25-hour fast of the year (Tisha B’Av), because we have to pray for 7+ hours on Yom Kippur. I think that it is necessary to fast. It gives it a different perspective from the other holidays. Fasting makes the day holier, in a way.

I think the fast has become an important part of Yom Kippur because everybody does it. You have to fast on Yom Kippur. There are thousands of Jews who go to synagogue three times a year- twice for Rosh Hashanah and once for Yom Kippur. It has become a rule of thumb to do so. The fast brings the true spirit of Judaism on this one day. The fast is supposed to help us concentrate on our prayers and yearning for God, and in my opinion, it truly does.


3 Math Websites- Review

I will be reviewing three math websites on how good they teach and help you learn. I chose Khan Academy, Math Playground, and Aplus Math.

1. Khan Academy– Pros: You can make an account and save your progress, and there’s a lot of subjects, from kindergarten to Calculus. It also has resources for parents, teachers, and students. Cons: It can be confusing at times, and they have all other subjects, like science and social studies.

2. Math Playground– Pros: It’s all full of games, which are an entertaining and useful. Cons: However, games can also take away from the learning. The highest math classes it goes to is Pre-Algebra. This website can only be used for kids.

3. Aplus Math– Pros: This, in my opinion, is the best of the three. It has worksheets, lessons, flashcards, games, and homework help. It has resources for parents, teachers, and kids. Cons: They only go up to Geometry, and they’re broad subjects.