Journal 5- Shanah Tovah!

It is the Jewish New Year! A happy Rosh Hashanah and 5775 to any Jews reading this. Yom Kippur is this Saturday. The ten days from the first day of Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur are known as the Asara Yemini Teshuva, or Ten Days of Repentance. We are currently in the fifth day of that period.

What does repent mean? It means to sincerely pray to God, asking for whatever you wish, or maybe doing good deeds to repay for your sins. You could also repent to another person.

I need to repent for much. I have sinned in my religious beliefs. I have been disrespectful to my peers and elders. I have gotten in trouble in school. I am working on fixing these bad habits, and that shall continue throughout the year. I need to ask my friends for forgiveness, in case I accidentally offended them. I need to ask my teachers for forgiveness (If you’re reading this, teachers, I’m sorry). I need to ask my family, and, most of all, I need to ask God.

2 thoughts on “Journal 5- Shanah Tovah!

  1. Jake,
    I personally accept your apology. I believe that you are sincere and look forward to your continuing your commitment to your new and improved behavior!

  2. Hi Jake,
    We are human, We all make mistakes. The key is to learn from our mistake(s), and not to repeat the behavior or action.
    I forgive you.
    I love you always,

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