Journal 5- The 8th Grade Legacy

This year, I, along with my classmates, graduate from the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School. For this year, we are the head of the schools. Our class is the top grade and the oldest in the middle school. (Except for me, as I skipped a grade). We need to show something that makes us different, what makes our class leaders. I think it should be the class that is acceptable of all grades and age. We can’t say, “Oh, they’re too little. We can’t hang out with them!” I believe we can do this by just attempting to talk to them. If we reach out to them, we will realize that they’re not so bad. We don’t have to be best friends, just try to do a little bit.

4 thoughts on “Journal 5- The 8th Grade Legacy

  1. Jake ,

    This would be a great legacy. I hope that you will indeed reach out to younger students as a leader and an example for them. I know that it means so much to them to feel accepted.

  2. Hello Jake! My name is Chester. I commented on one of your other posts a while back. I believe that it is a great thing to reach out to younger kids and attempt to form friendships with them. If you can set a good example for them, it can help them to become better people, and in doing so, gain more friends by learning to be more kind and more helpful. For example, I have many friends who are older than me, but I also have friends who are younger than me. I try to set an example for my younger friends as my older friends set an example for me. In the end, I agree with your blog, and I give you my best wishes in teaching the younger kids to become better people. Make sure to comment on my blog @!

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