Journal 1- My Mitzvah

Last Friday, my mitzvah was making 100 meals for kids and delivering them to The Bridge, an organization that greatly helps kids with little to no money or food. The kids get dropped off after school and are given a snack. They then are divided up in “classrooms” by age and gender. They are given help with their homework, fed dinner, and then taken home. During the week the kids are provided breakfast and lunch by the school and dinner by The Bridge. However, or weekends they are given no food. Our meals that we gave them were there meals for the whole weekend.

We made the meals by dividing into groups, with 8th graders being leaders of the group. I was the leader of a group. We then made bags of food. We gave each bad an Uncrustable sandwich, a juice box, a pack of fruit snacks, crackers, and a few other things. Each kid was assigned to a food item. He/she then put their item in the bag and passed it on, like an assembly line. We then had more kids roll the bags up and count them.

I felt good about doing this project. It is one of my favorite mitzvah trips that we do. I felt happy to be able the give these kids the only meal for the weekend. It is an important project to feed the needy. We need to raise more awareness about this cause, of feeding the hungry. In reality, we do this every week, because students are required to give a food item or a dollar to tzedakah every Friday.


The Bridge’s main building in Jacksonville. Image Credit:¬†

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  1. What a wonderful mitzvot.! Feeding the needy is a great help in our community! Lets go to the Sulzbacher next Sunday and cook some food !

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