Scientific Summer

This summer, I took a long and exciting trip to the Florida Keys. We stayed in Key Largo, and also went to Islamorada and Marathon. We snorkeled in John Pennekamp State Park in Key Largo and off of Sombrero Beach in Marathon. I also bought tons of souvenirs. (As you could imagine, I had a really fun time). However, to get there, I had to take a six hour car ride down from Jacksonville. MC900189589 A map of Florida, with the Florida Keys above.  Image Credit: Microsoft Clipart

There is a lot of science involved in driving a car on trips. Well, first of all, we had to drive the car in a way that it didn’t crash or fail. We couldn’t drive too fast or the car would overheat and the engine would strain itself. Also, we had to calculate how far we could go before we had to refill. We also had to calculate the cost of gas, with gas currently about $3.60 a gallon. So, in conclusion, I had a very scientific summer!

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  1. I am glad that you and your grandparents had a FUN vacation. What was your favorite activity? You are a lucky kid who gets to travel .

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