SBC- C3, A5

Hello WWW! Sorry for the late post again. For this challenge, I Googled my father and looked at the stuff he has online. I then discussed it with him, all about his digital footprint.

When I Googled him, his company website came up on the second page. His company blog also came up on the fifth page. That was basically all I could find for him. Under pictures, I was surprised to see that he was one of the first to come up. One of his videos also came up on the first page. I find that surprising. I didn’t know that when I searched his name, his little company was one of the first to come up. That really means that he has reached out on the Internet.

When I talked to him about his digital footprint, he saud that he was happy with his digital footprint, and thinks that he did a good job on it. He said that he “strives to inspire… other people”. He alos said that he sometimes does it better online than in real life! He tries to inspire, influence, and be a role model online.

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