SBC C4- A3, 4, 5, 7, 9

I can’t believe that every week, I’m always a week late! I’ll try to do this week’s challenges today or tomorrow.

Activity 3-



Dear Old Ship

Dear old ship,

Dear old sailing ship.

Where have you gone?

Where have you sang your song?

What battles did you fight?

Did you see monsters at night?

Did you go to the Carribean or South America?

I ask the ship many questions, but it does not reply.

It is too tired, too old.

It merely gives a sigh and sails along the endless waves of the Seven Seas.

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Activity 4-



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We live in a dark and gloomy place. We have very few resources to survive by, and spend almost all of our day fighting against death. We hunt, build, scavenge, sleep, eat, and repeat. We have no time for pleasure.

We have six in our group. I am the leader, but I cannot tell you my name. I have none. They simply call me “Leader” or “Chief”.  Swethya is the carpenter, fixing our buildings. Wentza is the lead hunter of our group, although, all of us hunt except for Gamet. He was injured very badly by a bear, so he scavenges and stays mostly around our camp. Xander is the warrior, the one who defends us in whatever battles we are in. And Ingot is the last one,  the one who just does a little bit of everything.

We have no signs of civilization except for a road, that stretches on endlessly. It is made of black metal, with no individual segments. IT is one long piece of metal. We have tried mining it, but everything we tried to mine it with breaks.

We have one other thing, a lamp that has shone forever. It is slowly dying out, however. We poke sticks in the heat to create our fires. We always have a fire going in case the lamp burns out. I hope also that the Great Star does not burn out. I always fears that it will not come up again when it disappears and the three moons come out. I always wonder which one it hides behind, or which two, or all of them.

I also see other stars and wonder which other stars have planets and if they have human colonies on them. I wonder if they succeded, like the one on Gliese 667 Cc, or failed, like ours on Anangar, or Kepler-62f. Not much can be known by six humans in the year 2858 without any other contact to the twenty three other planets colonized by humans. Not with a dead radio, and the possibility of other Senafs finding us and killing us, like they did to the rest of us.

We have many dangers. We live on one of uncommon places where we can actually survive on the planet, where it usually stays above 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, there are only two or three animals that we can hunt to eat, and only one plant. Not much grows or lives here.

The Senafs are the worst. They are the ones who were born here, the home world, like Earth to us. We colonized here for 74 years before they discovered us, apparently. The Senafs just attacked us, we did not provoke them or anything. They stole all three of our space ships, and they blew one up in the process. They bombed our station orbiting the planet and blockaded the main city, Kartia. Many tried to fight the Senafs, but they were extremely unsuccessful. They killed only 67 of the army of 2,000 Senafs, and lost 7,381. Then again, they were attacked with crude bows and arrows and knives, when the Senafs had their energy-shooting guns and laser weapons. They totally attacked the city after 2 weeks, after half of the population of 56,000 was already dead. We decided to head out before anything else happened. The people believed Starways Congress would send help from one of the planets’ moons’ or from the other nearby planet, Teghy, which would take two years of our time to get here. They actually believed that they could survive for that long! When they got here, they didn’t see us waving frantically, and our radio was long dead by then. They left without us. Fortunately, the Senafs didn’t bomb the city, so we live on the outskirts of it. We think other humans have escaped, but we are not sure. I know about 2,000 left to go on boats across the sea in hopes of more friendlier natives or an abandoned island. Another 500 hid in shelters underground, but we would’ve seen then by now. And as for the other villages, the Senafs would have discovered them and destroyed them by now. We are not sure what to do now, as our food is getting scarcer. We can’t use the trees, and the road is too dangerous. We have been seeing more Senaf ships fly around lately also. What do we do?

Activity 5-

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I already did activity 10. Ever since my school gave me this blog, they taught me to always give credit to images.

SBC C3, A6- My Top 5 Web Tools/Apps


Pixie is a software program created by Tech 4 Learning in 2010. It is basically a virtual paper with a crayon and marker box with paint and a sticker book. It has a lot of useful tools and is good for making simple, 30-minute projects. Yuo can use it for any subject. Note- Pixie also has an online version, Wixie! You have to buy it online, the home version I believe costs 25 dollars. Go here for more information.


Frames is another program that is almost like Pixie with easier capabilities and without the different tools. Frames was also made by Tech4Learning. I used Frames once to make a book report, and it ended up with my whoel class Skyping with the author! It costs 40 dollars I think, click here for more information.


Google Drive is a great addition for your Gmail account. I use it almost every day in school, and I have at least 100 documents, powerpoints, and spreadsheets on there. It is a extremely useful tool, especially with the new add ons. you have to be 13 to have a Gmail and, essentially, a Google Drive. (I got mine because it is a school-based account).


I don’t know if this really counts as a tool/app, but Flickr has gotten me a lot of pictures for numerous school projects. No age limit, it’s free.


I had to include Google in general. It is definately a web tool. I just can’t describe it. It’s Google, it has everything. No age limit, it’s free.

SBC- C3, A5

Hello WWW! Sorry for the late post again. For this challenge, I Googled my father and looked at the stuff he has online. I then discussed it with him, all about his digital footprint.

When I Googled him, his company website came up on the second page. His company blog also came up on the fifth page. That was basically all I could find for him. Under pictures, I was surprised to see that he was one of the first to come up. One of his videos also came up on the first page. I find that surprising. I didn’t know that when I searched his name, his little company was one of the first to come up. That really means that he has reached out on the Internet.

When I talked to him about his digital footprint, he saud that he was happy with his digital footprint, and thinks that he did a good job on it. He said that he “strives to inspire… other people”. He alos said that he sometimes does it better online than in real life! He tries to inspire, influence, and be a role model online.