SBC- C2, A3

Helllo WWW! I am back in the Student Blogging Challenge as a participant and a mentor. I have been busy (and I was in North Carolina for the past four days) so I did not get to do any writing for the second challenge. I’m sorry it’s late, but at least I’m doing it! I promise that you will see much more blogging for the challenge than this one post.

Activity 3. If I were to visit your state or province, what would be the ‘must see’ places and why?

Well, the cities to go to would be Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and Miami. Other “extra time” cities would be Pensacola, Gainesville, Boca Raton, and Key West. Now, I will explain to you what to see in these cities.


Tallahassee- Capital, lots of historic places, museums.

Jacksonville- One of the big cities, has a lot of entertainment, zoo, Adventure Landing, and me! One of two NFL teams in Florida, the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Orlando- A must to go for young families. Has Disney, Universal, Seaworld, and lots others.

Tampa- Has Busch Gardens, another one of the big cities, home of one of two Florida MLB teams, the Tampa Bay Rays.

Miami- Biggest city, lots of attractions. Home of other NFL team, the Miami Dolphins, and the other MLB team, the Florida Marlins.


Pensacola- Right on the Panhandle, lots of history and fun.

Gainesville- Average-sized city. Home of the Gators.

Boca Raton- Just a nice city overall!

Key West- Very beautiful, the bottom of Florida and the end of US-1.

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