My Meaningful Prayer- Ashrei

In our Tuesday prayer class, we have to find one prayer we find the most meaningful and answer questions. I chose Ashrei.

1. Why is this prayer important or my favorite? I like this prayer because it is organized alphabetically and talks about lots of different subjects. It is said that if you say this prayer three times a day, you are guaranteed a place in the world.

2. What do I think it means? I think it is talking about what the Jewish people will say about G-d, and how they will say it. It gives great praises to Him.

3. How is this tefillah (prayer) important for the prayer service? It is important because it is one of the main prayers that is sung and recited often. Also, it is an important “marker prayer” in the service because you know that we will soon have the Shema.

4. Are there specific verses I find more meaningful? What are they, and why? No, not really. I like them all and find them all really meaningful. I do really like the second to last one, that says G-d will reward the good and punish the wicked.

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