The Bovie “The Outsiders”


We have finished the Bovie (Book & Movie) The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.  In this post, I am going to compare and contrast the book and movie. I will be saying major differences in the plots, and then saying what is the same. In the end, I will tell which one I liked more and why I liked it. I will also be giving star ratings for both.

One major difference is where the movie starts. The movie completely skips the first chapter, starting when Dally picks them up at the corner of Pickett and Sutton. Also, Sandy is not mentioned at all in the movie.  Another difference is the scene with the movie. I noticed three mentionable differences. One is that Dally, Pony, Johnny, Cherry, and Marcia weren’t the only ones sitting at the movies, when they were the only ones in the book. Another difference is when Pony and Cherry went to get the popcorn, Pony didn’t tell Cherry about Johnny being jumped, he only mentioned it. Also, a greaser and a Soc fought at the concession stand, but nobody fought in the book.

Another difference is in the book, Two-bit came and asked about Dally because he slashed Tim Shepard’s tires, but in the movie, Tim came himself. When they’re in Windrixville, they try to catch a rabbit, something not in the book. When Dally gets them and takes them to the Dairy Queen, in the movie two children approach them and ask for money. Nobody approaches them in the book. Another new scene is when they get back, Pony and Cherry meet again. That didn’t happen in the book.

When Pony and Randy talk before the rumble, Randy doesn’t mention Bob or the rumble. Those were the main points of their conversation in the book. At the actual rumble, they don’t mention the Brumly boys, and the Socs come out of their cars loud and drunk, not silently and in order. Paul challenges Darry, and attacks Pony. In the book, Darry says that he will take on anybody, and Paul accepts and punches Darry. Another major difference is when Dally robbed the store, the store owner shot at him. The way Dally died in the movie is also different. My last difference between the book and movie is the movie skipped the parts about Pony being sick, and the court scene. A general difference I noticed is that the plot of the movie moved faster than the book.

The movie and book had the same concepts. They both had the general idea. The only things the movie did was shortening it, by taking out lots of details, and adding a few in. The characters’ names and personalities were the same. The sets (movie theater, old church) were the same. The scenes had the basic idea for both. I believe that the producers did a pretty good job replicating the movie, but they could’ve not made as many little changes.

Overall, I liked both of them a lot, but I liked the book better. The book wasn’t as fast, and it gave more details. The movie was a lot faster-moving, and they took a lot of the little things out that helped make the book more enjoyable. You could really feel the characters from the book, and picture them in your mind, but the movie did not do a good job of replicating the characters as S.E. Hinton pictured them. Dally did not at all fit the book’s description. Pony did not look as I imagined him, and neither did Sodapop, Steve, or Cherry.

Star Rating (Out of Five):

Plot- Movie 3 Stars, Book 4.5

Characters- Movie 3 Stars, Book 4

Scenes- Movie 2.5 Stars, Book 5

OVERALL: Movie 2.75 Stars, Book 4.5

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