Journal 18- Helping with the Aleph Institute

We are collaborating with the Aleph Institute to help Jewish prisoners. For this week’s journal, we were asked why would we want to help the murderers and stealers who are in prison. My answer is that we’re not. We will not help the bad people in the world, even if they are Jewish. We want to help those Jews who were innocent but blamed guilty, or just did the wrong thing at the wrong time. Those Jews, or people, aren’t bad. They just were convicted wrong or really messed up one time.

One thought on “Journal 18- Helping with the Aleph Institute

  1. Everyone is deserving of help and love. Some of us cannot imagine what would lead a person to do bad things that would leave them incarcerated. As we weave the “threads of life”, we must make sure that we are weaving threads of good. Otherwise, we will end up with a rope that COULD lead us to do those same things.

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