Local groups of teens fight it out, greasers victorious

We just finished Chapter 9 of The Outsiders, with the big rumble. We were asked to write a news article describing the rumble from a journalist’s view, in a news article. The following is mine.

The two groups of kids in our town, the rich Socs and the poor greasers, had a huge fight called a “rumble” last night. A rumble is when two gangs fight each other. An anonymous member of the fight said that there was 22 Socs and 21 greasers at the fight.

One of the greaser fighters was Dallas Winston, the notorious young criminal. He escaped from the hospital using a black handled switchblade. We tried to interview him, but he was too busy rushing to go to the hospital. We did, however, interview Timothy Shepard, leader of one of the greaser groups, about the whole scene:

My¬†gang was the first to show. Not too long after, the Brumly boys appeared. Few minutes after them, the Curtis’ and their bunch showed up. We were missing a few, my kid brother Curly, and two of Curtis’ were still in the hospital. Me, the leader of the Brumly boys, and Darry Curtis had a short short meeting until the Socs came. We decided Darry would start the rumble. Some blond Soc came up and challenged him, and then Ol’ Dally Winston showed up, from the hospital. The rumble began, and it was tough. Punching, kicking, pinching, pulling hair, it was a total mess. I took on two [Socs], Darry took on two, and I stepped on his kid brother [Ponyboy]. My nose got broken for the third time. But in the end, we won and beat those awful Socs.”

The charming and heroic Ponyboy,track star, great student, was at the scene, fighting along with Dallas. He later became very sick. People have been rethinking their opinion about him because of his participation in the rumble.

We would like to remember Jonathan Cade, who died because of injuries in his act of heroism, and Dallas Winston, who was killed by officers, because he held up an unloaded gun. He robbed a grocery store and ran. A close friend of his said that he wanted to die out of grief because “Johnny was the only thing Dallas Winston loved.”

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