In the Desert

I am an Israelite, from the tribe of Naftali. I, when in Egypt, was assigned as a foreman over the other slaves. When Moses came, I believed him from the beginning. I always felt that our savior would come from G-d. He was always watching over us, even at the worst times. My wife and friends thought I was just silly and a little too optimistic.

They were convinced a little when they heard about Aaron’s staff swallowing Pharaoh’s magicians’ staffs. They all were completely sure when the Nile was turned into blood. In the ten months of the plagues, we were glad that the Egyptians were punished. We felt no gratitude for them, after brutally forcing us to do the cruelest jobs just for their entertainment. We were especially happy after the plague of lice was over, because then we stopped working for the Egyptians. We were even happier after the plague of boils, because then our actual servitude in Egypt was over. We rejoiced along with all of our brethern as we left Egypt.

We happily witnessed the splitting of the Reed Sea, and sang songs of praise to God. At Marah, however, everybody rebelled. I strongly advised against it, telling them that we could find water elsewhere, but they rebelled. They would not trust God! I sadly watched as my brothers openly rebelled against God who took us out of Egypt. A few weeks later, when the food ran out, even I complained a bit.

 How would we survive? I wondered. We could find other water springs in the desert, but food was impossible to find. We didn’t see any animals in the desert, and nothing grew. I was wrong, though. God rained down mann, the greatest food ever to behold us. Holy food, sent straight down from heaven. Dew fell, and then the mann, and then more dew covered it. It was like it was in a package from heaven. It tasted like whatever we wished it to. It could be cold, hot, dairy, meat, fruits, vegetables… We were always sure that God would provide for us. I guess you want me to tell you what my mann tasted like, huh? Well, I shall. My mann tasted like fish. Fish with lemon juice on it for extra flavoring.

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