A Short Video, A Simple (but important) Concept

This week, in Hebrew class, we watched a news video from Israel about Muslims who work in a grocery store in London, England. The problem was that Muslims are prohibited from drinking, owning, or, for the very observant, even touching alcohol. When a British person once tried to check out alcohol, the Muslim cashier politely asked the customer to go to another register. The customer got very upset and started yelling at the cashier. Eventually, it was settled and the supermarket apologized to both cashier and customer.

In school, we have been learning about a concept called Think Win-Win. A Win-Win is where both people win in an arguement or conflict. For example, a person recieves a candy bar and then another person wants it. If the first person gives the candy bar to the other person, it is a Lose-Win. If the first person keeps the candy bar, it is a Win-Lose. If they fight over it and the candy bar gets destroyed, it is a Lose-Lose. If they split the candy bar, it is a Win-Win. We were asked to define this cashier-customer conflict. I believe that it was a Win-Lose because the angry customer eventually got their drink and emotions repaired, while all the cashier got was an apology with no consideration for religion. I hope that this arguement will not happen again in the future.