Science- Page 14, Question 6

Combine your understanding of how Earth became spherical and observations of the Moon. Then form a hypothesis about the formation of the Moon.

Earth formed 4.6 billion years ago, like the rest of our solar system. It was formed by a nebula, a cloud of gas, ice, and dust. The nebula shrank and flattened into a disk, and it began to move in a circle. The center formed into the Sun. Then, with the remaining materials, Earth and the other planets formed. Earth became spherically shaped by gravity, powered by the heat being produced by the interior, pulling in the lumps or Earth’s surface. People used to observe Earth’s shadow on the Moon to find Earth’s true shape. I believe that the Moon was formed when some leftover particles from Earth’s early years and the nebula tried to became part of Earth, but were shot back by something. Then, they formed together to become the Moon.