SBC C6- A3, 4, 7

This post is also a week late. I’m sorry about that.

ACTIVITY 3-  Are there any cultural events that directly relate to the old country from which your ancestors came?

Well, yes. My ancestors came from Europe. Germany, Russia, Poland, Great Britian, Hungary, and Austria. If you are Jewish (like me), you have different customs depending on where you or your ancestors lived. European Jews are called Ashkenazi. Ashkenazic Jews will not eat rice on Passover, but other types of Jews will. Ashkenazis are the ones with the big fur hats and black coats. They’re the ones who eat matzah ball soup and gefilte fish. So that could be considered customs from my grandparents.

ACTIVITY  4- How many generations do you go back before you find an ancestor immigrating to your present country? For example on my mother’s side of the tree, I can go back 5 generations to my great great great grandparents who were sent out from England as convicts to Australia.

On my mother’s side, I go back 3 generations, to my great-grandfather who escaped from Poland as a boy, before World War II started. On my father’s side, I don’t have any clue.

ACTIVITY 7- Visit blogs written by students from other countries.

I visited Emmalle’s blog. She is from Ireland. I liked her blog because she chose to make it on her own. She didn’t have to make one for school (like I did). She writes about how she feels and isn’t afraid to speak her opinion. Visit her blog here:










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  1. What did you learn about Ireland from Emmalle’s blog? I wonder… What foods are included in their customs ? What’s the weather like there ? Kelly went to Ireland with her family. They toured their roots. They saw the house where her great grandfather was born. She spoke of how while driving, at times, you must stop and let the wild sheep cross the road. I cant imagine seeing that in Florida?

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