SBC C4- A2

Sorry this is late. School has been keeping me occupied. Hope you still enjoy it!

ACTIVITY 2- Which of these topics affect your country? What is your government doing about it? If you are able, without getting into trouble, give your opinion of the topic and how it affects you as a student. What could you as a student or class do to help solve the problem?

The government shutdown is obviously effecting the US. However, many people don’t really know what it means. The government shutdown is when all of the national parks close, 800,000 government employees don’t get paid (but Congress does), and Medicare applications come to a stop. That’s how much I know. It was caused because the Democrats and the Republicans could not reach an agreement on what to do about the budget. All that my government is doing is arguing about it and not coming to a solution.To tell you the truth, there isn’t anything I can do except hold my hands over my head and wait until it’s over.

NOTE- The government shutdown is over, for now. This post is very late.


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