Journal 7- The Incredible Simon Birch

For our mitzvah trip last Friday, my class didn’t go anywhere. Instead, we watched the movie Simon Birch. Simon Birch is the story of Simon, who is very short, and his best (and only) friend, Joe Wenteworth. Joe does not know who his father is and wants to know. Simon believes that he is God’s messenger and that he has a destiny. I think they became good friends because they were both different; Simon was a midget and Joe didn’t have a father. They were both searching for something, so that’s why they grew close. Out of this friendship they got help with their searches, consolation, and good memories.¬†Joe didn’t let Simon’s disabilities stop them from being friends. He acted like Simon was “normal”, even though Simon was disabled.

Like I said before, Simon always thought that G-d had a purpose for him. This was one of the solid beliefs of his life. It turned into the answer for everything for him. This was all part of G-d’s big master plan. I think G-d did have a plan for Simon because of what happened at the end of the movie. I think that G-d does have a plan for me and everybody else in the world, but it hasn’t been revealed to any of us yet. For some of us, it could be revealed when we’re ten, or when we’re 100! It just depends on the person. Simon was beginning with the end in mind because he always knew that in the end, he would fulfill his destiny.

The minister in the movie, Reverend Russel, didn’t like Simon. Simon was very curious and would ask questions during church that would get Reverend Russel mad. I think Reverend Russel didn’t like Simon because he didn’t like it when he interrupted church. Also, maybe he was scared of him. It was also possible that Reverend Russel just had a disliking for all people with disabilities.

Overall, Simon Birch was a great movie that I really enjoyed. Don’t let the bad ratings from Rotten Tomatoes throw you off. It’s a really good movie. If you don’t want to buy it, you can watch it here.

The Spanish cover of Simon Birch.

The Spanish cover of Simon Birch.

2 thoughts on “Journal 7- The Incredible Simon Birch

  1. Simon was right. We all have a destiny. Something that we uniquely can perform that no one else on earth is capable of. G-d gave us all differing traits and qualities to allow us to perform this Divine Mission.

    What is a disability anyway? Is it dis-ability, meaning we avoid the ability?” Or is it dis-ability, meaning we are unable to perform something others can. If it is the latter, then we are all disabled.

    If you ask me, the people we call “disable” are the lucky ones. If you notice, they are always smiling, happy and joyous. Why is that? In my opinion, it is because they are happy with what they have. Can the same be said for us?

  2. Great reflection Jake.
    I believe that we each have a unique destiny and that God determines it. It is up to each of us to live up to our destiny by making good choices.
    I think you hit on exactly why the minister did not like Simon – I think that the minister felt threatened by Simon and his strong beliefs. How would it feel to be a minister and have a child in your congregation have a stronger belief and deeper faith in God than you do?!

    Morah Eta

    Thanks for the link to the movie! I hope other people take the time to watch it.

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