My Mountain of G-d

In Tanach class, we were supposed to write about our “Mountain of G-d”- where we can feel G-d’s presence. Here is what I wrote:

For me, my mountain of G-d is anywhere where Jews gather to daven. Preferably, I like my Chabad because the people are friendly, they have a great facility, and I like the prayer service. You can see the happiness there. Every single shul is a mini- Beis Hamikdosh. Each and every one of them, big or small, regardless of affiliation, is a dwelling place for Hashem. I always try to be able to daven in a minyan. I think that my prayers reach further if I pray in a minyan. You can see Hashem when you look around you and see the other daveners around you.

3 thoughts on “My Mountain of G-d

  1. We can daven anywhere. I recently davened on the show floor of the trade show I was attending because I had a meeting that started before sunrise to attend.

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