Where do I see G-d in nature?


It is Shabbas morning, right after Shacharis. I davened at Temple Torah. When I came back to the Bernstein’s house, I went on their swing set. It’s very beautiful in Boynton, and my view proved my opinion. There is a very nice man-made lake surrounded by houses. Trees are being outlined by the cloudy, blue sky. The grass seems greener here.

I can see Hashem everywhere. He created everything I see, so how could He not be here? The water above in the clouds, and the water in the lake below. The trees are a sign that G-d is there, because he let them grow and flourish. You can’t hide from Hashem, because he is ruler of the universe, the world, man and animal alike. Hashem is everywhere. You can always see Him intervening in everything that we do.

2 thoughts on “Where do I see G-d in nature?

  1. I see G-d in everything I do.

    Sometimes it is the most unusual moments that shine the most light. The key is to be paying attention. How many of us actually pay attention? Or live in the moment? Our children grow up and we get old and we wonder: Where did the time go?

    As I was walking from the parking lot to EverBank Field yesterday with my son and my father in-law, I noticed a woman frantically searching for something. Around 10 steps later, my son notices a sapphire earring stuck in his shoe. He hands it to me, and suddenly, I knew what this woman was looking for.

    So I walked back and smiled and gave it to her. Needless to say, she was extremely grateful. It had to have been a 2 carat (or more) gem. Sure I could have kept it, but why? It was attest from my Creator to see how I was using my building materials.

    It was at that moment, I knew why I was there. You see, I am not a sports fan anymore. I like to say “I gave up sports when I got married”, as I must put things in proper perspective. I wasn’t there to watch the Jacksonville Jaguars go to 0-7 as they get trounced by the San Diego Chargers 24-6. Sure I know about sports, but they just aren’t that important in the grand scheme of things.

    It was my very first NFL game. I only went because my son asked me too. It was his first NFL game also. It was a moment we both can remember forever. I will most remember the earring and the book my son brought about the Baal Shem Tov. I mean how many kids bring a book to read at an NFL game? Especially a book about the founder of Hasidic Judaism?

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