Where do I see G-d in nature?


It is Shabbas morning, right after Shacharis. I davened at Temple Torah. When I came back to the Bernstein’s house, I went on their swing set. It’s very beautiful in Boynton, and my view proved my opinion. There is a very nice man-made lake surrounded by houses. Trees are being outlined by the cloudy, blue sky. The grass seems greener here.

I can see Hashem everywhere. He created everything I see, so how could He not be here? The water above in the clouds, and the water in the lake below. The trees are a sign that G-d is there, because he let them grow and flourish. You can’t hide from Hashem, because he is ruler of the universe, the world, man and animal alike. Hashem is everywhere. You can always see Him intervening in everything that we do.

Journal 5- My Trip to Boca Raton

Last weekend, I was invited to a Bas Mitzvah in Boca Raton, FL. I left school after lunch on Friday, otherwise we wouldn’t have made it in time before Shabbas. Actually, we didn’t go to Boca First. I was staying at my friends house in Boynton, so that’s where we drove to. My friend, however, wasn’t at his house when we stayed in it! He was at a Kadima convention and away the whole weekend, so we stayed up after I came back from ┬áthe party and hung out. His father is the Rabbi at a shul about a mile away, within walking distance. I took a shower and then went to Temple Torah for services Friday night. Then we had dinner at their house. I went to services at Temple Torah again for Shabbas morning, because when she read the Torah was at Minchah. Usually it is at Shacharis. Anyway, after Shacharis I had lunch. Then I relaxed for a few hours. At 5:30 we went to go pick up my friend, and then we drove to Boca. We had to because it’s about 20 miles south of Boynton. I went to the shul and watched her read the Torah and give a D’var Torah. Then we went to the party. It was very nice.

This was an act of chesed (kindness) because I left school early to drive 4 and a half hours one way to share in my friend’s joy. It shows how much I care about my friends. The thing that was most different was that she read the Torah at Minchah instead of Shacharis. What also surprised me was that the shul was in a shopping plaza. I thought that was interesting. Overall, I had a good time, and the long drive was worth it.