1. I have changed my blog name. First, my old time readers, you would remember it was Jake G. Just my boring name. The I changed it the Jake’s Online Journal, about a year ago. Then, I changed to to Jake’s Online Adventures last summer. Now, I have changed it again to… Shmuel’s Stunning Online Recounts! It basically means my stunning blog posts. I will now prefer to be called Shmuel. Please put that in the notes, imaginary scribe!
  2. Next, this is for my SBC Students who I’m mentoring- Please look at the Student Blogging Challenge website! Please post posts! If you don’t you will be kicked out of the challenge.
  3. Today my Clustrmap is 2 years old! Well, not actually, but according to the day that it says on my Clustrmap it is 2 years old. As I am writing this, it has counted 3,265 visits from 67 countries. The 5 most popular are… US with 2,379 visits, UK with 186 visits, Canada with 169 visits, Australia with 159 visits, and India with 38 visits. My blog turned 2 11 days ago. Also, my sister Reba’s 4th birthday party was today. Happy birthday, guys!