A book review of… THE WEDNESDAY WARS!

The Wednesday Wars, written by Gary Schmidt, features Holling Hoodhood, a seventh grader at Camillo Junior High. His teacher, Mrs. Baker, seems to hate him from the start. For one, on Wednesdays at 1:45 half of his class goes to Hebrew School at Temple Beth-el. At 1:55, the other half goes to Catechism at St. Adelberts. Holling is Presbyterian, so he has nowhere to go on Wednesdays. Since the other two Presbyterian kids left last year, Holling is alone with Mrs. Baker on Wednesdays.

After school that day, Holling goes home to his “Perfect House”. His father nicknamed it that because it is in the middle of the town. His father designed the house himself. He owns a designing company, Hoodhood and Associates, and that seems to be all that he cares about. Now, back to Holling. He goes home, has a snack, and realises that he needs an ally with his war he against Mrs.Baker. His mother, father, and sister refuse to be an ally, his mother because she doesn’t think Mrs. Baker hates him, his father because it might cause them to be bankrupt, and his sister just gives bad advice, saying, “If Mrs. Baker hats your guts, then you should try to get some.”

The next day, he doesn’t want to go out to recess. He’s scared that Mrs. Baker hired some eighth grader to beat him up. Sure enough, while playing a game of soccer, Doug Swieteck’s brother, he went to jail, is charging straight at him. Holling tries to avoid him, but then stops, and steps out of the way at the last second- tripping Doug’s brother. Foiled, Mrs. Baker tries, on the same day, to make him retake 6th grade math. When? On Wednesdays, at 1:45. The principal tells him that he got a passing grade, so he doesn’t  have to retake it. When Mrs. Baker finds out, she says, “Regrettable”, pronouncing the syllables slowly.

On his first Wednesday, he is forced to do housekeeping for the classroom. Once he masters something, Mrs. Baker gives him something else to do. This seems to be getting worse and worse. With no ally, Holling has no help, and his father won’t let him complain because it might mess up a business deal. What can Holling do? Will Mrs. Baker ever like him? Will he get an ally to help him? What will be Doug Swieteck’s brother’s revenge? Read The Wednesday Wars to find the answers to these questions and more! This book is reccomended for 5-8th graders. It’s a good mixture of action, adventure, comedy, and just a drop of romance. I give this book 5 stars out of 5. It always was interesting, with new Wednesday battles and adventures popping up all of the time.

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