SBC Challenge 4- “Evening Life”

Note to readers: Sorry that this one is a little late! I have been falling behind on the Challenge and have a whole list of posts I’m going to to today and Sunday.

Student Blogging Challenge



For that week’s challenge, one of the activities was to “find a great image and write a post about it.” Well, I chose this picture because it looks so beautiful, all of the colors coming together in a sunset. He did a great job getting the tree right in the middle of the picture. It seems like it is pointing to that last blue space in the sky. Finally, the people walking around completed this wonderful scene.

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SBC Challenge 6- Facebook Privacy Settings

Student Blogging Challenge

For this challenge, one of the activities was to go to Facebook (if you have an account), look at the privacy settings, and write a post about them. Well, what surprised me is that anybody can look at what  you posted. Anybody in the 1 billion+ users of Facebook can look, comment, and “like” your posts- unless you change that. And think- how many of those people are hackers? I believe Facebook should change its policies and make them stricter. How? you may ask. Well, I believe that Facebook should only let you “like” and comment on things that: A. One of your friends on Facebook posted. B. Somebody who “liked” a page that you also “liked”. This, as a Facebook user, would make me feel more secure.