SBC Challenge 5- Secrets in the Forest Part 1- The People

Student Blogging Challenge

We are 10 men on a mission. We must find the secrets hidden in the forest. When we find one of the secrets, one of us gets to leave, to go back home. We draw lots to see who gets to go home. However, there is a catch; once 2 of us have left, we have to fight a animal to get to the next secret. Once half of us are gone, we have to survive terrible weather with only some ponchos, jackets, heavy-duty tents, hiking poles, and sleeping bags. When only three of us are left, one dies. That means one of us has to find two secrets. And the one to find the last secret will be punished for his deed. We will decide who has to find two secrets at the beginning of the trip.

The members of this trip are from all over the world. Each of the 10 most important countries sent a great explorer. (These people have names based on actual famous explorers, but are NOT real people.) From America, we have Jared Fay. From Russia, we have Sergei Voronin. From China, we have Nan (Baron) Zheng Yuah. From France, we have Napoleon Marion III. From Britain, we have Lord James Burton. From Japan, we have Zuicho Suzuki. From India, we have Kamasamudram Gandhi. From Germany, we have Burkhart von  Hinderburg. From Pakistan, we have Hamdan Munasifi. And finally, from Brazil we have Senor Luiz Tavora. Who will be the last man to be punished? Who will have to find two secrets? And, who will die? And will he die from the storms, or from the beast guarding the……..