Blog Ideas

Here’s some ideas I have for my blog. Comment and tell me which ones you like.

  • Once a month, have a book and/or movie review.
  • Every Sunday, write a weekly review about what I did in school. (This IS a school blog, after all!)
  • Every month, I give a writing prompt. You, my readers, will write a story at least 10 sentences and e-mail it to me at I will read every story given to me by the deadline. The winning story will be posted on my blog.
  • Every day, have a Yiddish word of the day, and every week, have a Yiddish proverb.

Now let me explain a little bit about this. Yiddish is a “dying” language. That means all of the speakers are dying or not saying it anymore. The only people who speak it now are 60+. When they die, nobody else will say it. This will be an effort to revive it. I, with the help of Fred Kogos, will attempt to bring back Yiddish.

  • Ask you guys what my 200th post should be, and write it.