SBC Challenge 3- 10 Things to do With a Sock

SBC Challenge 3

10- Make it a sock puppet.

9- Make it into a phone cover (If one hole is big enough).

8- Make a cape for your pet. (Must be a small pet).

7- Use it as a counting game to count all of the holes.

6- Use it as a dolly.

5- Make it a armband/bracelet.

4- Use it as a sponge.

3- Put some sticks into all of the holes to make a sea urchin.

2- Make it into a see-through, tiny bag.

1- Use it as a “holey” object. Get it?

7 thoughts on “SBC Challenge 3- 10 Things to do With a Sock

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  2. I liked your ideas they are very creative. I shall try the counting game one haha.I really like your blog, I’d be more than glad if you decided to visit my blog and leave any comments:

  3. I did # 10 with your sisters today. We made sock puppets! Will you watch their puppet show tomorrow after school?
    Love, Mom

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