Student Blogging Challenge Challenge 1- Visit my Blog!

Welcome! I have now officially started the SBC with this post. I am also, for the first time, a mentor. I am mentoring 8 10 year olds. To see who I am mentoring, click here and go to where it says “Jake will mentor (Student)”. So anyway, this challenge is going to be VERY different. It is the 10th one, so Miss W. is doing something different. There will be 3 parts to every challenge: “A challenge using the number 10,  A challenge to improve your blog, and ideas for posts and other activities often related to a subject area.” More information here. So, about every week I will be posting for the SBC. I will also be busy doing my mentoring stuff. I hope school doesn’t get that tough for  the next 10 weeks! Well, here we go!

I think  you should visit my blog for a lot of reasons. For one, I always post a journal every week for homework about our mitzvah trip. Also, I love to do the SBC and encourage it. I’m a feverish blogger (I post about 3 posts a week) and I have a award-winning blog! I got 3rd place in best student blog in the Edublog Awards of 2011. You want proof? Go here. So please come to my blog! You will be suprised and amazed!

4 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge Challenge 1- Visit my Blog!

  1. Well done Jake. First off the mark and straight into the challenge. I am so pleased to see many students offering to be mentors this time round.

    As a keen blogger, you have to realise that many of the participants are new to blogging, often only just having received a blog earlier this year. Many wont have posts written yet. But with your help and support, hopefully they will start to enjoy blogging like you do.

  2. Jake, I have been enjoying poking around your blog. You will do a great job mentoring this challenge. I can’t wait to send my students to check you out – you are mentoring a few of them as well. Good luck and happy blogging!

  3. Wow! I never heard of a student who actually enjoyed and has a passion on blogging! You are doing so well I must say (better than I do but I’m trying my best). Do you like music?
    Go and visit my blog

    I’ll be so grateful if you give me some tips for me improve my posts and blog.

    Be blessed

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