Journal 20- The Slavery of Tomato Pickers

Last Friday, I didn’t go to school ( I was in Orlando), but I’m still going to write about what they learned. We learned about tomato pickers in South Florida. They are forced to pick buckets of tomatoes, and for every 32 pounds they pick  they earn 50 cents. To think that buying 32 pounds of tomatoes would cost 81 dollars. They’ve been earning that same wage since 1978.

I think this is a terrible thing. It’s the Civil War all over again, except this war is peaceful. We are fighting for Hispanics, not Blacks. The CIW (Coalition of Immokalee Workers) fights for these people. They fight for 7 laws, listed below:

1.  A pay increase for workers.

2.  Compliance for Code of Conduct.

3.  Worker-to-worker education sessions on the farms.

4. A worker-triggered complaint system.

5. Health and Safety volunteers at every farm.

6. Specific changes to improve wages and conditions.

7.  Ongoing auditing of the farms.

I think these are fair platforms to fight for. Any reasonable boss should provide it. It’s only these people who are forced to work on these horrible conditions. I think it’s very unfair and something should be done to stop it. The way we can stop this is writing to Publix, who promises equality but in reality really buys form these companies that enforce slave labor. I think this has to do with Tu B’Shvat because it is about vegetation and what people are forced to do. It also kind of has to do when the Israelites had to go into Sukkot to collect their harvest, like how these people have to collect the tomatoes.