Journal 19- MLK Day

As you know, this Monday, January 21, is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We were asked to instead of writing about our mitzvah trip (because we didn’t have one; on Friday we had no school) to write about what MLK would want on this day. I think he would want us to give speeches about the importance of social equality and how important it is to make no slavery and no segregation. It is just plain wrong to have cruel laws such as different drinking fountains, seats on the bus, and other segregation laws like they used to have. We should never have to experience that and, as Jews, we know how it feels.

4 thoughts on “Journal 19- MLK Day

  1. You are so correct! Sadly, Jews are still being segregated. Looking the cup as half-full, that’s G-ds way of keeping us unified. How many religions have come and gone. that had no unity? Always look for the good in the situation, that’s what He wants us to do. Even the famous Rabbi Akiva did this at the most unlikely time, when he recited the “Shema” as his final words on earth.

  2. Jake, your post provides a good example of “empathy”. When you relate to what others are feeling, you can truly care about them. The Jewish people have a rich history of helping others and speaking out against injustice. I see you continuing the tradition. Mrs. K

  3. Jake – these are good thoughts. Can you give any example of segregation that still occurs today? We don’t have separate schools or drinking fountains any more. What examples of segregation do you still see?

    • @Kim Glasgal There is still segregation in cities where blacks have the least best areas (like ghettos). I had to experience some of those when I took a journey to Canada with my dad 2 summers ago.

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