Journal 17-Front of the Class

     Last week for our mitzvah trip, we watched a movie called Front of the Class. It was based on a true story about a guy named Brad Cohen who had Tourettes Syndrome. Tourettes Syndrome is a disease in the brain that makes you twitch and make weird noises. He was trying to find a job as a teacher, but nobody would accept him because of his Tourettes. Finally, one school accepted him and he turned out to be a great teacher.

If I were the principal of a school I think I would’ve and not hired him. I would’ve hired him because he had a great value of learning: don’t be afraid of who you are. He didn’t mind that he had Tourettes, and he didn’t let it stop him. I wouldn’t hire him because I would be afraid that he would be made fun of by the kids and get mad at the kids.


I think it would be strange to have a friend who had Tourettes. He would suddenly blurt out stuff while I was talking and it would be weird. The other kids would make fun of him and he would usually be sad. I would feel bad for him and try to get the other kids to stop making fun of him. He would twitch and stuff and I would always feel bad for him.


I think it was a good movie with a lot of important lessons in it.

3 thoughts on “Journal 17-Front of the Class

  1. Jake,
    Your comments are very good and I appreciate your honesty. Most people reacted to the movie by saying, ” I would have hired him or I wouldn’t mind having him in my class.” I think your honesty is good. I hope that I am open minded enough that I would give him a chance but it WOULD be difficult to imagine hiring someone who twitches, shouts out and makes weird noises all the time. You are right, there is the risk that students would be rude and make fun of him.
    As a teacher, I hope I would have the patience to be kind and understanding to a student with Tourettes.
    I hope that if we ever have a student like this in our school, you will remember the movie and reach out to him.

  2. Hashem makes each one of us different for a reason. We don’t have to understand it, but we must recognize it. Each one of us has a gift that noone else has and it is our duty to project it into the world. How would the world be if we all looked the same, talked the same, wore the same clothes? That wasn’t Hashem’s will. He willed us all to be unique, to bring our special gift to the world and share it with everyone else. NEVER be afraid of being different, rather be proud of it!

  3. Yeah I think that movie has good lessons in it too! There is a singer named Jamie Grace and she has that disease and she is an amazing singer. It’s important to love everyone.

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