Journal 17-Front of the Class

     Last week for our mitzvah trip, we watched a movie called Front of the Class. It was based on a true story about a guy named Brad Cohen who had Tourettes Syndrome. Tourettes Syndrome is a disease in the brain that makes you twitch and make weird noises. He was trying to find a job as a teacher, but nobody would accept him because of his Tourettes. Finally, one school accepted him and he turned out to be a great teacher.

If I were the principal of a school I think I would’ve and not hired him. I would’ve hired him because he had a great value of learning: don’t be afraid of who you are. He didn’t mind that he had Tourettes, and he didn’t let it stop him. I wouldn’t hire him because I would be afraid that he would be made fun of by the kids and get mad at the kids.


I think it would be strange to have a friend who had Tourettes. He would suddenly blurt out stuff while I was talking and it would be weird. The other kids would make fun of him and he would usually be sad. I would feel bad for him and try to get the other kids to stop making fun of him. He would twitch and stuff and I would always feel bad for him.


I think it was a good movie with a lot of important lessons in it.