International Hunger Awareness Day

I always have hated hunger. It is one of the worst plagues in my view. I think it is terrible that children in Africa, Asia, and everywhere else have to beg for food, ribs showing out like skeletons. I want to do something, and I am. I thought of this idea in the shower last night. May 28 is International Hunger Awareness Day. I know this website called Freerice that is a trivia game, but every question that you get right a company donates 10 grains of rice to needy children. Well, May 28 is a school day. But, the previous day, we have no school because it is Memorial Day. On May 27, I will be hosting an event which you can participate in as long as you have a computer, a brain, and a passion to end hunger. I will be going on Freerice all day (well, actually 9-7 with a lunch break). If you would like to participate too, please leave a comment on my blog with your name, email, and how long you will be willing to go on for. I will put this on another page titled Freerice Challenge Participants. You will then go onto Freerice, make an account, and join my group on the top of the page.  Our goal is to earn 1,000,000 grains of rice by 7:00 New  York time. Join me now!

Group is titled “Jake’s Hunger Fighters“.


Journal 20- The Slavery of Tomato Pickers

Last Friday, I didn’t go to school ( I was in Orlando), but I’m still going to write about what they learned. We learned about tomato pickers in South Florida. They are forced to pick buckets of tomatoes, and for every 32 pounds they pick  they earn 50 cents. To think that buying 32 pounds of tomatoes would cost 81 dollars. They’ve been earning that same wage since 1978.

I think this is a terrible thing. It’s the Civil War all over again, except this war is peaceful. We are fighting for Hispanics, not Blacks. The CIW (Coalition of Immokalee Workers) fights for these people. They fight for 7 laws, listed below:

1.  A pay increase for workers.

2.  Compliance for Code of Conduct.

3.  Worker-to-worker education sessions on the farms.

4. A worker-triggered complaint system.

5. Health and Safety volunteers at every farm.

6. Specific changes to improve wages and conditions.

7.  Ongoing auditing of the farms.

I think these are fair platforms to fight for. Any reasonable boss should provide it. It’s only these people who are forced to work on these horrible conditions. I think it’s very unfair and something should be done to stop it. The way we can stop this is writing to Publix, who promises equality but in reality really buys form these companies that enforce slave labor. I think this has to do with Tu B’Shvat because it is about vegetation and what people are forced to do. It also kind of has to do when the Israelites had to go into Sukkot to collect their harvest, like how these people have to collect the tomatoes.


LA Word Search

For our Chai Reading project, we picked a book that we wanted to, instead of being assigned a genre to pick a book from. We were then to make a word search out of words from the book. I picked The Ghost of Graylock by Dan Poblocki. It is a horror, mystery, and ghost book. I enjoyed the book. If you would like to see my word search, click here . If you would like to see the book on Shelfari, click here.



Journal 19- MLK Day

As you know, this Monday, January 21, is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We were asked to instead of writing about our mitzvah trip (because we didn’t have one; on Friday we had no school) to write about what MLK would want on this day. I think he would want us to give speeches about the importance of social equality and how important it is to make no slavery and no segregation. It is just plain wrong to have cruel laws such as different drinking fountains, seats on the bus, and other segregation laws like they used to have. We should never have to experience that and, as Jews, we know how it feels.

Journal 18- Collages at the Coves

Last Friday, we went on out monthly mitzvah trip to the Coves. This week, we made collages with the people there. We were supposed to write about what we learned. But, to tell you the truth, I didn’t learn anything except for A: Magazines don’t have many things that describe me and B: I like River Garden’s multi-colored chocolate chip cookies.  I didn’t like making collages.

1/3 of the World!

Hello WWW! I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging much lately; 6th grade keeps me very busy with homework! I was looking at my Clustrmap today when I noticed something interesting. I saw that I had LOTS of countries on my Clustrmap. Well, I counted all of the countries, and there was 62. There is 196 countries in the world, so that means that people from about 1/3 of the world have visited my blog. I have 1/3 of the world!

Journal 17-Front of the Class

     Last week for our mitzvah trip, we watched a movie called Front of the Class. It was based on a true story about a guy named Brad Cohen who had Tourettes Syndrome. Tourettes Syndrome is a disease in the brain that makes you twitch and make weird noises. He was trying to find a job as a teacher, but nobody would accept him because of his Tourettes. Finally, one school accepted him and he turned out to be a great teacher.

If I were the principal of a school I think I would’ve and not hired him. I would’ve hired him because he had a great value of learning: don’t be afraid of who you are. He didn’t mind that he had Tourettes, and he didn’t let it stop him. I wouldn’t hire him because I would be afraid that he would be made fun of by the kids and get mad at the kids.


I think it would be strange to have a friend who had Tourettes. He would suddenly blurt out stuff while I was talking and it would be weird. The other kids would make fun of him and he would usually be sad. I would feel bad for him and try to get the other kids to stop making fun of him. He would twitch and stuff and I would always feel bad for him.


I think it was a good movie with a lot of important lessons in it.