Journal 16- A Miracle I Hope For

This week is Hannukah! We celebrate Hannukah because of miracles, so this weeks Question of the Week was one miracle we hope that happens. I hope that all of the wars in the world end. Wars are cruel acts that kill millions of people. They destroy countless buildings, lives, hopes and dreams. Right now there is a civil war in Syria that has killed 40,000 lives and changed many more. I have read about awful wars that changed the world. I hope all wars will end soon.

My (Fake) Ethical Will

To My Children:

As I am on my deathbed, I want for you to hear this. I raised you religious and please continue being religious. Raise your children with a bar/bat mitzvah. Study Torah. Give Tzedkah. Remember “Love your fellow as yourself“. Help all those who need help and ail the sick. Believe your dreams and become whatever you want.  Try at least once to do the most important mitzvah, Pikuach Nefesh. I once was in a video about Pikuach Nefesh. Live these, Love these, Learn these.

Journal 15- The Mock Trial

Last Friday, we had a mock trial instead of a mitzvah trip. We had to wear Shabbat clothes with ties. I had the part of being in the jury. But when my car went to the courthouse, we were waiting there for about 5 minutes, wondering where everybody was. It turns out we were in the Duval County courthouse when we were supposed to go to the Federal courthouse!

When we got to the right courthouse, we took an elevator to the room. We had these really comfy chairs as part of the jury. It was awesome! It was a real replica of the trial, with lawyers and witnesses and evidence and everything. The case was about texting while driving.  A teenager named Riley Gardner accidentally hit a lamp post while driving one night, and he hurt Sidney Young very badly. Both sides had very good arguments, but in the end the jury decided that Riley was guilty.

I agreed with the verdict that we decided. I think that if the trial was for real, then the jury would agree with what we said. The lawyers did a good job representing their person. The judge was a good, fair judge expalining everything to us. I enjoyed the