How to Remember

In our LA class, we are reading a book called The Night of the Burning. It is about a girl named Devorah who used to live with her parents in a village called Domachevo. But then her parents died, so she was sent to a orphanage. Now a man came from South Africa to take kids there, and Devorah is going with her sister, Nechama. Devorah had a flashback of a scene in a cemetery. Her dad stated, “But there are different ways to remembering, my child. Hard ways and easy ways.” An easy way to remember something is if you have the subject every day, or if you like it, or if it is a pleasant experience. A hard way to remember something is if you’re not interested in it or the thought gives you painful memories.

2 thoughts on “How to Remember

  1. Jake, I agree that some things are just too painful to remember. Do you think Devorah will always remember her mama and papa? If so, how will she deal with the pain of losing them? Mrs. K

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