Journal 14- Honoring Veterans

Last Thursday, as you know, was Thanksgiving. We had school off on Thanksgiving, so on Wednesday we had a program called “Serving Those Who Serve Us”. We had veterans come who told us their stories. We had 2 men from WWII, 2 from the Korean War,    1 from the Vietnam War,  1 who was in Afghanistan, and a woman who was in the Administrative office of the Navy. The veteran from Afghanistan’s story was very meaningful to me. He was fighting one time in a concrete building when a bomb exploded on the building. He had his intestines ripped out, head seriously damaged and one of his arms was unusable. He had to stay in the hospital for a long time, but as soon as he got out he went back to Afghanistan. In total, he was gone from his family for 45 months. His story was moving because he kept fighting, and even after he nearly died he went back into serving his country. We really should honor these men and women for risking their lives for our safety. They are very brave and great for giving up their lives for their country.