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In our Mirrors and Windows: Connecting to Literature book, there is a story called “The Sandcastle”, page 98. It is about a future time, where global warming finally conquered us. ¬†They have to wear a type of morph suit to protect them self from the sun’s fatal UV rays. We were asked to define the connection between our story and Hurricane Sandy. The way it is connected is maybe some storm, like Sandy, caused the sun’s rays to be like that. Or because they both have to do with global warming. More storms, like Sandy, will come because of global warming, and we need to be prepared.

One thought on “LA Connections

  1. Much like the UV rays causing the sun to damage us, the hurricane causes rain to overflow and flood, thus shorting out electricity, polluting the potable water, preventing travel, etc. As humans, we take so much forgranted. It is only when we lose something do we truly appreciate having it. But the…………it’s too late.

    Personally, I keep a “Gratitude Journal”. Every morning, I write in it 3 things I am grateful for that day. I try to never repeat anything. The every so often, I will sit with my family and talk about what I am grateful for, explaining why. It is one of my favortie family activities. I wish everyone else felt the same way.

    I would be grateful if everyone had a “Gratitude Journal”. It takes just a few seconds to appreciate what you have and note it for others to see. By the same token, it only takes one second to lose what you have forever. Just one bad decision could change our lives forever.

    I sure hope my kids want to go over the “Gratitude Journal” tonight. We did not get to finish yesterday :-(.

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