Journal 8- Visiting Mount Carmel

Two weeks ago, we visited Mount Carmel, a elderly residence. It was very nice. First we helped those who wanted to shake the lulav and etrog. Then we danced for about half an hour. Everybody kept suggesting songs to dance to and the Hazzan played his guitar. Finally, we went up 16 flights of stairs to give 4 people soups that members made the other Thursday. It was fun, my friend Noah and I were always in the lead. We did the mitzvah of kavod zecenem, honoring the elderly.

One thought on “Journal 8- Visiting Mount Carmel

  1. I imagine life before the turn of the 20th century and wonder what people did to occupy their time when there were no movies, television, text messages, e-mails, traffic jams, drive-through windows, or other modern amenities of life. I think that a lot of time was spent being quiet and allowing the natural circadian rhythm of life to take its course. It is important to take time to remember that not everyone has the luxury of the technology we do today. The folks you visited may be some of them!

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