The Martians: Book 2- Me as King

Chapter 1: Taken! (again)

7 months ago, I awoke to a bright beam of light coming in my window from a Martian UFO. They were green, fleshy creatures with eyes as big as hubcaps. They are about 3 1/2 feet tall, and they don’t have a nose or mouth. They talk and hear through their ears, so don’t interruptĀ them. It could seriously damage their talking and hearing abilities. They lifted me from my bed, chanting “Mima, Mima, oz shoulf da!” Come, our king, to our colonies!

Chapter 2: Landing

The three hour journey was seemingly very quick.I am familiar with these parts in my journeys as an astronaut. The Martian pilots are very good. We landed on their station on Mount Olympus. They carried me to their capital city, Shelojez. It means “Great is the people”. I was hailed along the way.

Chapter 3: To the Throne

When I got to the Palace, the guards bowed to me. I put on the royal crown and scepter. I was terrified at first, but maybe this journey won’t be so bad after all. In the next week, I set about to making the planet better.

Chapter 4: Life as a King

I set about the ways of my new world. I taught the Martians Judaism,which I made the official religion. The whole country is Orthodox. I organized a MPT (Martian Protection Troops). We also have the MAP (Martian Air Patrol), with a special SAF branch (Super Air Force). I hope they will protect against the western rebels and the invading Venuians. I also set up land to the east for a human habitat, once they come.

Chapter 5: War!

I loved taking walks along the Red Desert. There are many beautiful creatures. But one day, while I was out for a walk, Venuians made an attack on Veuxij, a major military base. 4,792 Martians and numerous war vehicles were destroyed. People, Martians everywhere sent me phone calls telling me to act. I declared a major attack on Hacs, the Venus capital city. We bombed the place and was successful.Venus attacked our capital city, but they couldn’t break through our defense. We destroyed 3 more major cities, killing 50,907 more Venuians, before they surrendered. They paid us 35,250 Space Dollars plus 3,000 Plasma Guns and 1,700 aircraft. It will be very useful.

Chapter 6: Homesick

After 5 months, I began to feel homesick. I loved my life here, but I was becoming sick of nozicks, the main food. I told my council I wanted to leave, they responded “Wzig Juia mi?” Why do you want to leave? I decided I needed to leave on my own, to go to my planet.

Chapter 7: Escape

I told my council I would be going on a SOLITARY voyage about 100 million miles away. I would be taking my provisions. They did not realize I was leaving forever until it was to late. “Jzig hwanzx blac!” Our ruler has left us! Hopefully, they will find a new king, but not me.



3 thoughts on “The Martians: Book 2- Me as King

  1. Wow! VERY creative story Jake! You are quite the sci-fi writer! I especially enjoyed the make-believe language you made up.

    Keep on blogging Jake!

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