Journal 7- A Sukkah for UNF

Last Friday, we went to different locations to build sukkot. A sukkah is a temporary hut the Jews live in to remind us of when we wandered in the wilderness. Anyway, I was in one of the two cars that went to UNF. It was fun building the sukkah. First, we got all of the materials out. Then, we made the basic frame. Next, we put the roof on. After that, we did the wall and did numerous things to keep it together. Following, we put up a chaim that we made. Finally, we threw palm froms on top to make the schach, the roof which we are supposed to see the stars through. It made me feel good because we were helping the Jews at UNF do the mitzvah of having a sukkah.

2 thoughts on “Journal 7- A Sukkah for UNF

  1. I am glad that this mitzvah project made you feel good. I know that the students at UNF enjoyed working with us to build it. Mrs. Stark told me that a number of students commented that they stopped at the sukkah during the chag. I think we did are really important think helping bring the holiday to them.

  2. Our Sukkah was lucky enough to be on the “Sukkah Hop” list for bot the preschool and the day school. We left out tzedakah coins for each child to give and the filles up the entier pushka! I recorded it on viedo so we could remember ot forever 🙂

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