How Robin Hood Saved the Widow’s Three Sons

This story is by Sara Hyry Barry. One day, Robin hood was walking down a street when he heard a awful cry. He went to the noise and found a widow crying. She said that her sons were being killed today. He asked why and she said that they hunted one of the kings’ deer and the sheriff saw them. He decided to save them. As he walked to the gallows. As he walked , he met a old man in tattered clothes. They talk for a bit, then trade clothes. Why did they trade? How did Robin Hood save the widow’s sons? Read to find out!

Social Studies: Story of my Life- Klednt Gwalisd

Hello, modern scientists. I am Klednt Gwalisd. I was born in 250,000 B.C.E.  from this modern year. According to your measurements, I am 5 feet, 3 inches. I was born in modern Kenya. I have mated thrice, always with the same person. I am a great nest-builder. My nests could fit 4 persons with room to spare. Once, in one of my nests, I saw storm clouds coming. I thought I would be fine, for leaves were over my head. But then, a yellow streak from the sky came and destroyed a tree, by making it hot enough so it burned, as you call it.  It was fire! I am still troubled with making fires. I have no need, though, except for light. The heat is great in Africa, so I have no use for that. I tend to not eat much meat, so I don’t need it to cook. And I chose a place where animals dare not go, for many other hunters live in my area and they fear them.

One cool spring day, I was gathering some food when I heard a rustling noise behind me. I thought it was the annoying Jyerw Yiuot, who likes to scare people. I ignored it and continued gathering. The noise came closer. I turned around…and stared right into the green eyes of a saber tooth tiger, twice my size, with teeth 2 feet long. I started to run, fast as my hairy legs carried me. The tiger followed, nearly catching up. I threw the berries at it, but that just made it madder. I tried to climb up to my nest. As I did, the tiger took a bite of my leg. I kept going, climbing until the tiger was long gone. I laid on a branch to inspect my leg. It would heal, but it would later cause my death.

At about 236,000 B.C.E., 5 years later when I was the age of 14, I started to dislike the nomadic life. I decided to bring my mate, by the name of Gwea, to a cave with another family. I realized that being in groups was safer, and others could help make a fire. At first the others looked at me distastefully, but then, after 3 caves and their inhabitants were destroyed, they started their own. But, since caves are few in our areas, and I had taken the biggest one, they had some difficulties. Now there are 4 families in the cave, the Blashoks, the Jindfs, the Rewsacs, and mine. I also have two boy twins, Filgh and Frit. We all have an alliance of sorts.

Then, while I was out hunting and Gwea gathering with Frit, I had an idea. I told my hunting partner, Hiutyg Jindif, “What if we brought a male and female deer and caged them? Then, they would have baby deer and we wouldn’t need to hunt!” “What a great idea! We shall live in pleasure!” And so the Domestication of Animals began, at approximately 214,000 B.C.E. Then, a few months later, Fudish Blashoks, with Gwea, thought about planting berries so berry bushes would grow. So the women didn’t need to gather! If we were hungry, we just had to go outside.

We 12 families, mine, the Blashoks, the Jindfs, the Rewsacs, and 8 others, started building a walled area in which we could build huts to live in and to protect ourselves against others. But to do that, we needed to move north, to the Nile. So we did in 216,000 B.C.E. when I was 30. I was getting to be too old to be hunting. I started to think about how the universe worked and why things happened. I was able to predict the correct time to plant crops and when to retreat to our homes. Since I was very good at keeping up with the religion I made which every body liked, I was appointed a special job.  They made me leader and I appointed Hiutyg Jindif and Fligh, who had grown to be men, leaders of hunting. Frit is head of gathering the water. A man named Guytik Definsa is head of repairs, and his wife is in charge of making clothes. My third son, Hgifd, is the doctor. I am the military and religious leader, because I can think of strategy quickly and efficiently. Everybody prospered under my care.

One summer, we decided to have a feast. We built a huge bonfire and roasted pigs on it. We built a huge rock wall foundation so the village didn’t burn down. While having lots of fun dancing and singing, the fire heated up rocks that had tin and copper in them. The goo combined and made bronze goo. I didn’t notice it until I stepped in it. It was hot, so burning hot; it burned the sole of my shoe and went onto my foot. And it stuck. It was hard! I had to go to Hgifd’s office. He told me, “Father, I will have to cut off your leg, if you are going to live.” I agreed for him to do so. I was 43 then. He had his attendants tie me to a table and give me a root to chew on. He used the bronze to make a harder knife, for my discovery had gone around the village that the bronze is harder and better than stone. I had helped my village, but for a price.

The surgery was very painful, so that I went into blackness at the first small cut. I woke up a day later, in my own large bed. I looked down at my leg and saw… a little stump with leaves as bandages covering it. I found a note from Hgifd:
Dear Father:
The surgery was successful. Your leg is off. You will see a cane on your bed. Use it in the place of your leg. Try to lean on it and walk. You must stay at home for 5 days and eat only vegetables and fruits.
Your son,

I tried walking around for a couple of days and the cane was ok. It was hard, but I got used to it. On the fifth day, I went out of my house and into the village. Everybody stopped working and clapped as I walked through. I found out this:
While I was away, the village was storing food for a great feast they were going to have after I recovered. They harvested massive amounts of food, gathered much water and made decorations out of the bronze I had discovered. It was a great feast. We built another huge bonfire (which I stayed away from) and had a great time dancing and eating.

The next day, I woke up, still sluggish from the party. The village was a mess!  I started to clean it up as best as I could. Suddenly, I heard a great stampeding noise, with shouting and the clatter of metal. “Metal?” I wondered. With horror I realized it was another village attacking us. I ran to the center, racing towards the bell. RING! RING! RING! I did three chimes, the code for attackers. Wake up! We’re being attacked! Wake up! Men rushed to the walls, some only in their undergarments. The archers started to fire from the towers. Enemies fell, but more came. I estimated there was 3,200 compared to our 1,750. We had bronze. They had stone, though. It must’ve been the rebels who are so stupid they didn’t evolve, I thought. The archers kept firing. Women and children hid in underground bases. We opened the gates and the horse-backed men attacked, following by those on foot. I wanted to fight, but Hgifd stopped me. “Your health won’t allow it,” he said.

Finally, 5 hours later, we won, exhausted and depleted but glorious. I did a quick scan. We had 854 men left. Among those dead were Frit, 8 of my 12 generals ,and 46 of my 60 officers.
My wife also died. The north wall is beyond repair. The west wall took substantial damage, but it will be fixed. The irrigation lanes are half destroyed; a half an acre of farmland is destroyed. 17 huts destroyed, 4 workshops. It will take a year to recover, I estimated.

So there I was, in 203,000 B.C.E., starting to almost entirely rebuild my village. We harvested more stone to make the wall and covered it with bronze to make it harder. Towers could hold 12 archers and could store food so they could live for a week. The wood top was covered with bronze. We planted more vegetables and added more irrigation systems so they could grow bigger and better. Huts were made stronger, made out of stone and wood instead of just wood. It took 2 years to recover instead of one. By then I was 45.

I decided to take a journey to sail the Red Sea. I took my new wife, Fligh, Hgifd, and a servant or two. We built a huge ship, with three masts each 30 feet high. We named her The Sea Queen. Before we set sail, I stocked the boat with food and water for 3 months. I needed to find a crew. I took the water gatherers and some officers and they became my crew. I loved the fresh sea air. It looked beautiful, clear skies and water. The sun was a bit hot. We sailed to 4 different small islands. They were abundant in wood and game. We could come here again and make little colonies, I thought.

After I got back, the village made an amazing discovery. They had invaded a village, killed or imprisoned all the inhabitants, and walked through. They found beautiful clothes, marvelous weapons, and astonishing jewelery. The additions will be wonderful for the village.

The years passed. I became older. Eventually, my leg failed me so Hgifd built me a wooden one. In the year 194,000 B.C.E. I stepped down as leader at the age of 56. I made Fligh the new leader of the village. He will succeed, I thought. He will be brave like his brother. The village has prospered under his care. For the last year of my life, I was confined to my bed, eating only fruit and vegetables. Everybody came to visit me. I died in the year 181,000 B.C.E., at the age of 61. Everybody mourned me as the first leader. Eventually, they came across the ideas of using pictures as writing for records. Their pictures became very famous, as the Egyptian hieroglyphics.

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Journal 10- Dignity U Wear

Last Friday, my class went to Dignity U Wear. Dignity U Wear is a warehouse where poor people can get new clothes. Dignity U wear collects clothes that are out of fashion or that the store doesn’t want. What we did today is first we watched a short movie about how Dignity U Wear started. Then, we organized scarves into piles of ten. Then we made gloves into piles, and finally winter hats. Along the way, we had to rip off price tags and mark off barcodes. I think it was a valuable mitzvah that we did, honoring the poor.

Journal 9- Game Day at the Coves

Last Friday we went to the Coves and had a game day. Game day is where Morah Eta brings in a bunch of her board games and we play with the residents. It was fun, even though only 5 people showed up and I only got to play 1 game. I felt good to make that one couple happy by playing Uno with them. We did the mitzvah of honoring the elderly by playing with them and having fun.

Journal 8- Visiting Mount Carmel

Two weeks ago, we visited Mount Carmel, a elderly residence. It was very nice. First we helped those who wanted to shake the lulav and etrog. Then we danced for about half an hour. Everybody kept suggesting songs to dance to and the Hazzan played his guitar. Finally, we went up 16 flights of stairs to give 4 people soups that members made the other Thursday. It was fun, my friend Noah and I were always in the lead. We did the mitzvah of kavod zecenem, honoring the elderly.

The Martians: Book 2- Me as King

Chapter 1: Taken! (again)

7 months ago, I awoke to a bright beam of light coming in my window from a Martian UFO. They were green, fleshy creatures with eyes as big as hubcaps. They are about 3 1/2 feet tall, and they don’t have a nose or mouth. They talk and hear through their ears, so don’t interrupt them. It could seriously damage their talking and hearing abilities. They lifted me from my bed, chanting “Mima, Mima, oz shoulf da!” Come, our king, to our colonies!

Chapter 2: Landing

The three hour journey was seemingly very quick.I am familiar with these parts in my journeys as an astronaut. The Martian pilots are very good. We landed on their station on Mount Olympus. They carried me to their capital city, Shelojez. It means “Great is the people”. I was hailed along the way.

Chapter 3: To the Throne

When I got to the Palace, the guards bowed to me. I put on the royal crown and scepter. I was terrified at first, but maybe this journey won’t be so bad after all. In the next week, I set about to making the planet better.

Chapter 4: Life as a King

I set about the ways of my new world. I taught the Martians Judaism,which I made the official religion. The whole country is Orthodox. I organized a MPT (Martian Protection Troops). We also have the MAP (Martian Air Patrol), with a special SAF branch (Super Air Force). I hope they will protect against the western rebels and the invading Venuians. I also set up land to the east for a human habitat, once they come.

Chapter 5: War!

I loved taking walks along the Red Desert. There are many beautiful creatures. But one day, while I was out for a walk, Venuians made an attack on Veuxij, a major military base. 4,792 Martians and numerous war vehicles were destroyed. People, Martians everywhere sent me phone calls telling me to act. I declared a major attack on Hacs, the Venus capital city. We bombed the place and was successful.Venus attacked our capital city, but they couldn’t break through our defense. We destroyed 3 more major cities, killing 50,907 more Venuians, before they surrendered. They paid us 35,250 Space Dollars plus 3,000 Plasma Guns and 1,700 aircraft. It will be very useful.

Chapter 6: Homesick

After 5 months, I began to feel homesick. I loved my life here, but I was becoming sick of nozicks, the main food. I told my council I wanted to leave, they responded “Wzig Juia mi?” Why do you want to leave? I decided I needed to leave on my own, to go to my planet.

Chapter 7: Escape

I told my council I would be going on a SOLITARY voyage about 100 million miles away. I would be taking my provisions. They did not realize I was leaving forever until it was to late. “Jzig hwanzx blac!” Our ruler has left us! Hopefully, they will find a new king, but not me.



Journal 7- A Sukkah for UNF

Last Friday, we went to different locations to build sukkot. A sukkah is a temporary hut the Jews live in to remind us of when we wandered in the wilderness. Anyway, I was in one of the two cars that went to UNF. It was fun building the sukkah. First, we got all of the materials out. Then, we made the basic frame. Next, we put the roof on. After that, we did the wall and did numerous things to keep it together. Following, we put up a chaim that we made. Finally, we threw palm froms on top to make the schach, the roof which we are supposed to see the stars through. It made me feel good because we were helping the Jews at UNF do the mitzvah of having a sukkah.