Journal 6- Bikur Cholim

Last Friday, the 6th Grade didn’t go anywhere for their mitzvah project. We heard a lecture about visiting the sick (bikur cholim) by Rabbi Olitzky. Then, we watched a 22 minute documentary about kids with cancer. It was sad. It almost made me cry. Then, we watched a lip singing for the song “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger” by cancer kids at Seattle Children Hospital.¬†¬†Then, we made pillowcases for kids in Jacksonville who have cancer. I liked it. It was a really nice mitzvah to do, because we helped kids with a horrible disease.

Journal 5- Delivering Honey Cakes

Last Friday we delivered honey cakes to 300 elderly people. It was very nice. The main place was River Garden, where we did an M&M activity and enjoyed refreshments. Then we delivered the honey cakes. Most people did not come to the door, so we just left the honeycakes beside the door. The few who answered, we said Shanah Tovah! Have a good new year! Two ladies even let us in their house. One was very friendly,we started singing with her and she was showing her all of her Israeli stuff that she got from her son. It was very nice.

Categories, Tags, and Quality Commenting

A category is an explanation of what the post is about. It says what type of post it is. For example, a post about football would have a category called “Football”. A tag is a sort of code that could be a link to a website or a word. Quality commenting is commenting that is grammatically correct and has correct spelling and punctuation. It also relates to the post. Here is an example of a quality comment:

“What a great post about manatees! I love those great, gray creatures. Don’t you?”

A Successful Year

Some of the most important actions I can take to guarantee a successful year is being nice, being respectful, and listening when the teacher talks. It’s important because you need to be nice so your classmates like you. It’s important to be respectful because your teachers need and deserve respect. Also, you need to listen to learn.

Journal 4- Cleaning up Crown Point and Helping VPK

For our Mitzvah trip last Friday the middle school was split up, each class going to a different place. 6th Grade went to clean up Crown Point and play with the VPK kids. We had a 2nd Grade partner and the middle schooler carried the trash bag while the 2nd Grader (and sometimes the middle schooler) picked up trash and put it in the bag. We went most of the way to San Jose, cleaned a parking lot, and then turned around. It was hot, but we got ice pops afterward!

Then, after having a break to cool down and eat our snacks, we went to the preschool. We split the class into two, one half going to one room, one to the other. My partner was a boy named Eytan. He was quiet but nice. We went on top of a tower and played Play-Doh before having a snack. Then we read a story. Then, we sadly have to leave. I felt good about doing both, Crown Point because we helped the world an VPK because I like little kids.