LA Learning

Today in LA we were asked to define what a category and a tab is. I said that a category is a explanation of what the post is about. For example, if I wrote a post about Judaism, I would categorize it Jewish Posts. A tab is a word that could be used as a link or alert for your post. We were also asked to define a quality comment. I said a quality comment is a comment that is grammatically correct and has correct spelling and punctuation. It also relates to the subject.

Journal 2- Mitzvah Performed

Last Friday we did the mitzvah of Tzedakah, giving to the poor. We made lunches for 150 kids who don’t have any meals during the weekends. We then delivered the meals to Malevi Washington Foundation for the kids. It made me feel good knowing that  I was feeding kids who were really in need. I think what we could also be doing is giving them little bag with a couple of toys in the bag. For example:

Boy (10-12)

Small lego set

Pen, Pencil and Paper


2-3 Books (Age appropriate)

Couple of pieces of candy