From the Clayton, GA Days Inn

I am writing this from a computer in Clayton, GA! I am staying at a hotel before I go to Camp Ramah Darom. As a said in my post Camp Ramah, I am going there for a month with my classmates Noah, Casey, Cayla, Rachel, and Lily. I will be posting my Ramah journal on my blog on a new page coming soon called “Ramah Journal”. Stay tuned! I won’t be posting for a while because at Ramah I have no access to a computer.


2 thoughts on “From the Clayton, GA Days Inn

  1. Hi Jake –
    I am sitting with my grandpa and we looked a bit at your blog. It is very nice.
    I read (again) the letter you sent me – thank you.
    The email addr is of my parents.
    Of course, this note is written by my grandpa. I am only starting to learn Hebrew.
    Have fun this summer – Lavi. Now Lavi will try in Hebrew:
    שלום ג’ייק. אני הולך למחנה קיץ של 2 ימים.

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