100! (For the Third Time)

This post is my 100th post! As I said in Happy New Year, My goal for my blog was to write 100 posts and get 1000 visitors by the end of the school year. I achieved 1000 visitors a while ago. But now I’ve completed 100 posts with 3 1/2 days to spare! That’s right. Only 3 1/2 days to spare! If you want to check out my other 100 posts, click here or here. For this post I want to ask something special from my visitors: Post a comment on this post saying which of my posts you liked the best.

4 thoughts on “100! (For the Third Time)

  1. Mazel Tov for creating a terrific blog ! And for achieving your goals for 100 posts and 100 visitors! I am very proud of you, my little blogger! 🙂

  2. I haven’t read all 100 of your blog posts, so I can’t name a favorite. However, I can tell you that I think your blog is a wonderful work in progress, and I look forward to seeing it grow, change and develop. (I just showed it to your grandmother 🙂 )
    What I like about your blog:
    I like your writing style. I feel like I can “hear” your voice when I’m reading your posts.
    I like that you set goals for yourself, like writing 100 posts, and that you share the goals and the progress you’ve made.
    I like that you have taken ownership of your blog and have experimented with different themes, added pages, etc.
    I like that you use the blog as a place to express yourself and share things that are interesting or important to you, as opposed to only posting assignments.
    I think your use of hyperlinks is pretty good, although I would like to see you use even more links (this is something I’m working on for my own blogging).

    My biggest suggestion for you is to make an effort to include more images. It really helps make the blog “readable” to have images breaking up all the text.
    Keep writing! I know that sometimes you might be into blogging and sometimes not. I have gone a long time without writing on my blog, but I always come back to it eventually. I think you are a very good writer, and I hope you will continue to use this blog over the summer. I guess you won’t be able to blog from camp, but I will be checking to see if you’ve blogged later in the summer.

    Have a terrific summer! -Ms. H

  3. Hey Jake, it’s Mike, congrats on making your goal!!!

    P.S. I made a new e-mail adress,so it might say I’m a different person.

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